The rules

The classic Trumps rules apply. If you are aware of these rules you may go on and read the special Erasmus drinking rules down below.

  1. The winner of the game is the player that collects all cards.
  2. The cards are shuffled and dealt evenly between all the players. The youngest player starts the game by selecting a category from the first card in his hand. He then reads out the value of the category, e.g. “established in 1450”. Each other player then announces the value of his card in the same category. Whoever has the highest (sometimes the lowest) value wins the cards of the others.
  3. These cards are placed at the bottom of the winner’s pile. The winner of the round is also the player in charge to start the next round by selecting a category from his new first card.
  4. In the event of a draw, the cards are placed in the middle and a new card is to be played by the same person as in the previous round. The winner then receives the cards in the middle as well as the new cards.
  5. If a player is down to 3 cards, he is allowed to “jump” between his left over cards.

Erasmus drinking rules:

OK! Let’s put some Erasmus spirit in this game 😉 Therefore we adjust the classic rules which you see above:

  1. Losing a card: drink 1 sip of beer.
  2. Collecting a „quartett“  (e.g. all four cards of eastern Europe) – distribute 5 sips of beer!
  3. You may have wondered what the word lists on the back of each card game are made for. When it is your turn, ask another player for a word from that list (e.g. what is the meaning of “beer” in Spanish?). If his or her answer is wrong, he has to drink 1 sip.

Have fun gaming – Drink Responsibly – Have a good time !


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