The idea

Uppsala, Amsterdam, Paris, Warsaw, Valencia….

Where do you experience more European diversity than in the corridors of Erasmus-students’ halls? Probably nowhere.

However, during our Erasmus stay we met a lot of great people from all over Europe. The most personal contact occurred during the time we spent together before heading to a party.

It was a night like that, when we had the idea to create a game that connects the different cultures and origins of the European students. Each university and city has its own history and we think, that this game (combined with the beverages consumed) is a great occasion to tell all the stories of the different cities.

Of course there should be discussions! Is the one-night-stand factor in Barcelona really higher than in Glasgow? Are there more bars in Berlin than in Paris?

These are all questions to be answered after midnight and that of course is intended to promote European cultural exchange!

We promoted this project with a lot of passion and it gives us great pleasure that it has found its climax in the release of the Erasmus Card Game. We hope that you will like it! We’re always happy about proposals and criticism.


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